Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Before I start with my usual monthsary ravings, I feel as if I need to vent out what happened during my LRT and MRT trips this morning..

Because I was small, petite, horizontally challenged, I was crushed this morning because there were way too many people at the train, even though I am already at the ladies' side. Although I was a bit harassed, the voice in me didn't fail to fight for the petite's right, that is, not be intimidated by a towering height and accept the challenge, as big as they may seem. Ok, I'm overreacting, I just commented to this huge guy that I am a small woman and he shouldn't push me or anything.

I remember when being petite is an advantage. Back in college, I was fond of this acting group that when they held a mini-concert at a mall, I trekked my way and made it to the front page. (Actually, I used the little girl charm, how could you ever resist seeing a little girl get smashed by a bunch of people right? hehe.

..And I thought of Mariz Umali when we interviewed her for a project and told us that we should never be afraid to use our charm. It will definitely work wonders. :D

Seriously, I am but a small girl, but I could definitely fill a whole room. If you know what I mean. :D


Yesterday, Hon and I met at Glorietta to celebrate our 15th month. Earlier, he said that he found out this nice Japanese foodshop named Okuya where you could see how your sushi is made. Hence, we went there and had my Maki served with so much satisfaction. What a nice treat for a monthsary. hehe. Afterwards, saw a secondhand copy of Digital Fortress for just 140 bucks. Immediately bought it after a few toss coins. Now my Dan Brown collection is complete. Yay!

And what completes my day is knowing that Dad is coming home, not tomorrow, not next week, BUT TODAY! Yay again! I am so psyched. And I'm gonna full myself with Twix and my favorite chocolates again. hehe.

Anyhow, I have to go now. I'm gonna finish my deadlines by hook or by crook. :D Muah!

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