Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Its barely two weeks till my birthday, and Ive whipped up myself a wish list. Here goes:

1. A SE z610i Hot PINK!

2. The Pink Laptop we saw at Glorietta

3. A DSLR (any brand will do)

4. Paolo Coelho's 2008 Journal

5. Red Shoes

6. The Witch of Portabello by Paolo Coelho

7. Portable DVD Player

8. A year's Cosmopolitan Subscription

9. A Bora or Panglao Trip

10. A VW Pink or Blue Beetle


Okay, so some are very easy to reach, and some are way too expensive for anyone to get (well, in that case, I know I have to save now. haha) but although these are all material things, I still yearn for some immaterial happenings in this world. Like a healthy environment, or world peace, or even love for everyone in this world. Because as we all know, no amount of money could ever equal to a very peaceful place and a heart filled with so much love. Like you cant win friends by your money. That you could only see the real people who could stand by you when all else fails and when all shitty things already happened to you. And I am so glad that I have people like those. Some people who would respect and love me, just the way I am. :D

I had a very long vacation wherein all I did was sleep and hog the television to watch my pending DVDs at Guada. It feels nice just to lay back and do the things I enjoy the most. Sir Ronnie said that there it will be a rest day on Monday. Yay! Its just sad that I couldn't get to spend my vacation with Hon.

I received a good news yesterday. Apparently, my dad's gonna be here for my birthday! :D Actually, his contract will end this week and will be back home after one last voyage to Malaysia. They will catch their plane there and back to Manila in two weeks time. I guess we will have to celebrate my birthday if not on Subic (because of his godmother and his kinakapatids), at least somewhere far. I know he couldn't resist if I requested for it. After all, he missed so many birthdays already. :D

Lastly, this is one of the perfect days because we are celebrating our 15th month. Yay again! And we are still in a rut on where to go so we could celebrate. I wanted something different or something. Last year, since my office is near Baywalk, we just hang out there to talk and discuss our plans and all. Time really flies so fast. And thankfully, after a whole lot of trials, tears and happy moments, we stayed together, and more in love than ever.


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