Thursday, August 23, 2007

Because I finished Like the Flowing River days ago, I borrowed a book from Jen, entitled, "He Just Not That Into You". I have read the e-book version of it, but I am enjoying the paperback now because there are worksheets and all. I am actually learning a lot from it and it tells you that you are a "hot stuff" and you shouldnt waste the pretty. Meaning if some guy doesnt deserve the time youre giving him, there are pretty lot of good men out there. Why waste yourself to someone who doesnt even want to marry you or couldnt even lay his hands on you?

..I so feel much better now that I have read the book. And I discovered my worth. I am just thankful that I get what I deserve now. :D


Dad came home last night, bearing his damness 800-dollar N95. I thought it wasnt a big deal to me but it was so pretty despite being huge. But I dont like it that much. Instead of attracting Hon, I might attract some pickpockets with that fone. Now my Mom and Dad were arguing on how they could even use it in public.haha. Goodluck.

Anyhow, I'll be meeting them at Duty Free later. Now I have to research on the fastest route to go there.


Went to Makati yesterday to meet Hon and borrow the cam. Then we hang out at Timezone because he wanted to drive daw. When we got home, we were uber tired na. Sometimes, I wish that we could just go home together, or have a car so he wouldnt have trouble getting home after he sends me to ours. Super A for effort talaga. As I have said before, I am thankful because he keeps on doing small stuffs that mean a lot to me. Lahat halos kina-career na niya. Love you talaga. :D


I got my first online purchase. (of course, let us state the fact that Meri is not really a stranger to me. hehe). The package got here yesterday. Even took a picture because I think it is pretty. The ring looks really gorgeous. Thanks Meri. Muah!

Gotta go now because I have to leave early today. muah!

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