Thursday, August 23, 2007

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1. I have a crush on my boyfriend (Patrick) when we were 3 years old. I know, its kinda weird for a 3-year old to have a crush that early but I remembered myself being so kilig whenever we go to their house and see him. And I guess it made our way to high school because I was kind of mentioning him to bezzie everytime I think of him.
2. I love singing. It started when I was in Grade IV and was influenced by my pseudo-boyfriend that time. From then, I started joining Glee Clubs but stopped during college because I couldnt really take practices until 9pm. I know.hehe.
3. I went to UP for swimming lessons when I was 9 years old. But since my instructor was only teaching us how to do bubbles, I was so determined to learn to swim that I did it by myself. Everytime we have a family outing, I would practice at least one stroke before the end of the day. :D
4. In order for me to have a peaceful sleep, or if you want to make me sleep early, try turning the lights off. I dont know, I just sleep better when its dark.
5. I am trained to drink coffee by my Lola Merced. When all the kids wanted milk for their meal, I would rather choose coffee instead.
6. I'd rather receive books during special occasions. Maybe that is why I loved Belle(Beauty and the Beast). I wish someone could give me a library someday.
7. I am a natural born flirt. Basta, I think I am. Not that sure if it works though. ;D
8. When I yawn, I yawn with tears in my eyes. That too, is natural for me. Siguro kaya ako crybaby until now.
Am tagging Hon, Jenny, Ninya, Elizel, Meri, Anne, Roser, April Joy :D

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