Sunday, August 26, 2007

Its nice to be on vacation and just lie around the house the whole day. :D

But currently, I am kinda hooked on the game given by Hon , named, "Fish Tycoon". You are actually meant to take care of fishes and sell them for you to have more money and buy more extraordinary supplies to make your fishes healthy, etc. they say it unleashes the entrepreneur in you. hehehe.

So anyhow, ALC Day was attended by a whole lot of ALC Employees here and nationwide. Enjoyed it because Miss Ivy, CCD Supervisor-slash Fortune CARE Representative won second place during the Mrs. ALC Pageant. I am so proud of her because it is the first time that FC won during pageants, as they have said. Of course, the guys have also feasted on the ladies who went singing and dancing on the stage. Guys are so hopeless sometimes.


I feel sad today. I hope its just the weather, but really, the rain and the emptiness of this house makes me even more gloomy. He isn't even talking to me because he has to sleep early. I have also dreamt of this other person this afternoon while taking a nap, that he came back to see me and that he would want to get me or something like that. And I think this is because of the feeling that he really is back. I hate that my feelings have been played by people who wants to continue this hide and seek thing. It really is awful. But I wont let this get to me. I have far more important things to think of that someone who crushed my heart. After all, he is miles away, and far, far away from what I have felt a long time ago.

...Or maybe this is all because of birthday jitters? I don't know about it.


Haven't had plans for birthday...still. Although Hon and I planned for my actual birthday for just the two of us, I still am having difficulties on how to deal with the parents and the whole clan. Dad said he already had the champagne and wine covered, but still, I am not sure when or where it should really be held. My head is going to explode in another minute. Really.

I'm just glad that I have finally got Ms. Ivy's approval for a leave. And I am excited to have an Ultimate Buffet at Dad's again. I don't really care how much it'll cost, but since it is really good, I am up for it and screw my so called "diet". hahaha!

I wish I could've brought this edition's Company Newletter so I could proofread it already. I am so honored that EVP-GM let me edit it. And guess what, my article just happened to be the BANNER STORY. It is just so fantastic. I am so over the top right now. :D

..Well at least that made my hopes up for a better future in the company. Supervisory level, I am so challenging you right now! ha! (why don't you think that at such a young age, I couldn't do that? As far as Hon said, I am also thriving to be the best and give out my talents to the highest potential.) :D Who knows right? If Elle Wood happened to have a Fashion Merchandise Degree then became a lawyer, then I can too, not a lawyer, but someone meant to be at the top. :D

See ya later peeps.

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