Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Somehow, no matter bad your day may start, it might actually end good.

I hated Sun today. I had my line approved but wont be getting the handset that I wanted. Hence, I am opted to say yes to the Ericsson fone that I am a bit fond of. Its really pretty, but then, how on earth could you listen mp3s to a 15mb phone? You got the right sweetheart, it is just TOO impossible for a music lover like myself. It sucks really.

Anyhow, I wouldn't let that ruin my day. Am about to see Hon today because we didn't have the chance to meet last weekend. And since he has been making parinig last night that he wanted M&Ms and White Toblerone, I'm about to grant his wish and I'm adding something more just to satisfy his cravings. :D

As for myself, he finally agreed to watch the Tagalog flick " A Love Story" with me on Friday. He made a deal that he will go with me if I also let him buy a PSP. Although I am not sure if it is a fair trade, I said yes but I am laying my cards again.

..He even made the schedule already for my birthday. Its a series of celebration actually. Now I wanna go to Trinoma. Wala lang, just for fun. :D


TV Patrol reported that there will be an eclipse tonight. I don't know if its the reason of unfortunate events or can sort of bring luck to anyone. I haven't enjoyed eclipses that much. Maybe because of the fact that something hides and all. Or something like that.

Cant wait to get out today. Maybe because I'd go to Gateway or something? I'm not sure though.

Have to go now. Buhbye. :D

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