Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Finally had the nerve to post an entry here at the office.

Anyway, storm was huge yesterday. Thought I shouldn't go to the office but was disappointed because I still have to work since Sir MB would be in Cebu and Bohol today. Had our meeting till 7:30 so I decided to go home using my Divi way, but was stranded. Windblows were huge too, and I wouldn't want my umbrella be ruined so I stopped by the nearest corner. Argh. Was sad. Was definitely gloomy.

Went out with Mela, Brent, Migs and Hon last Saturday to watch Lady in the Water. Nice yung movie, full of twists though some parts tend to bore me. Bad lang coz I have to be home early to attend Steffy's debut. So yun, went to Jade Garden to celebrate her coming-out party. Good thing Anne was there or I would be lonely there, with my mo and her friends.

Hon and I would nearly be legal to my parents. I have been feeding them ideas about us being a couple. And it's nice that my mom finally got it. Siguro basta I wouldn't get married yet, anyone's fine with them. And he's no stranger to the family naman eh, so I hope my plan would work. hahaha!

Have to go. Lunch break already. Feed me! mwah!



hey! inggitin kita! ako walang class! hehe kidding lang =)

wow.. parang seryoso ka ha!!

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