Tuesday, February 07, 2006

yeah, i signed up.. so what?

Salamat sa Central Library at napakabilis ng connection nyo.

I've been interested in this site LOVEHAPPENS that I signed up for it.

I wasn't expecting that some close-minded people would overreact over my actions. Saying that I'm "turning to be that desperate to find someone and going to an online love matchmaking site goes way beyond to what you have done before"

And now I'm fuming to reply to those things.

First of all, I AM NOT DESPERATE! Kahit single ako for 10 months now, I am not resorting to these things to find a guy. It's just that I decided to sign up just to see things from them. Parang friendster, myspace, hi5, and etc., weren't you interested too? If you're not, then I see you're lying already.

Second, YOU DON'T KNOW ME! Kahit sabihin pa ng iba kong friends na naging ex kita at kinakapatid kita at dapat ay marami ka ngang alam sakin, YOU STILL DON'T KNOW ME!
You gave up that chance when you left me. And I'm not bitter, I'm living my own life, so I don't think you have the right to judge me or my perceptions in life.

Frankly my dear, everything is big deal to you. I think you must ponder them first before talking nonsense to me. And yeah, not everything is about you. And I don't consider you as one of the intellectual guys I've met. And I feel like crap talking to you. And I don't care about how you think. This is me and I know what I really want, WITHOUT ANY HELP FROM YOU!

I hope I'm overreacting, but I don't think I do. I just don't want other people talking as if they really know me. One month isn't that long. And yeah, I'm mean! So what?

No, I'm not turning into this one big monster yet. I'm just so fed up with all his convictions about me. About being this know-it-all just so because he thinks were this close to each other. I just don't believe in wishes anymore. I've turned my back into loving him again and letting him control my life or my mind. You see, I've already stopped my reasons for believing him since the day he left me and when I thought he played and led me on to some kind on non-existent relationship of such. Just be happy on your life and exclude me if you please. I don't really care.

I feel sorry for our other classmates who were trashed by a higher official in our college. Kaya nyo yan guys. Magdedefend kayo ng thesis no matter what happens. Do or die na talaga maging graduating student. Pero GO GO GO! ibang level tayo eh.

Think I have to go now. Have investigative journ class. BORE!

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