Saturday, February 11, 2006


I know I should focus on my PR Prelims, but I am really affected by this one.

I saw a familiar face yesterday afternoon and the day before. I thought it was a case of mistaken identity, but I was so wrong. You see, USTe held this 3-day job fair for Thomasians to take part, submit their resumes and have a bright future after graduation. See, this familiar face isn't from the school. So I have to question the validity of him being there. Or let's just say that he's there for something else, but then, I really hope I didn't see him.

In case you wanna ask who this person is?

1. he's an ex's friend. Ha! met him once, and I do find him nice. But since the "breakup", I really can't describe one's group as nice. Hope you got my point taken.

2. he's the current boyfriend of my ex's ex-girlfriend. You see, this girl is probably my most loathed one, even though I haven't met her yet. Why? simple. Because I've been competing with her in my ex's eyes. When heck, there's nothing worth competing for.

I just see him as an extension of my ex and this girl. I'm just bothered because I'm seeing how small of a world I'm living in. I'm just not used to seeing the past. Or let's just say the people that are part of my past shouldn't be visible anymore. I think I'm gonna throw up.
Anyway, so many stuff has happened these past days. Still hectic, but still sane thank God. have been in text marathons with Deejay but seems that I'm neglecting him everytime I text him then not realizing that I'm already falling asleep. And well, I hate it when I do that to other people too.

Lovapalooza is hours away but I excused myself for not going. Have plans. No date whatsoever, but I have a very important engagement so to speak. My tita dragged me to sing at someone's debut, whereas i could say no good words about her since I haven't met her yet. And imagine my tita saying I should prepare a number of songs since she knows I'm good at that. No flaunting intended, I was just invited.

Well, that was a good excuse to get out of Roxaz Blvd. traffic, kissing couples and a whole lotta headache caused by love. OMG, I think Ruby has infected me of being the Valentine Grinch. But then again, I still love the idea of being in a relationship and the magic that it possesses.

And by the way, I'm on mIRC ban. Promised myself and crossed a pinkie with Deejay that I wouldn't resort to it again. And wouldn't give my number to strangers, NO MATTER HOW INTERESTING THEY MIGHT BE!

Job fair was....fair. I guess. There are companies who doesn't need us, and that makes it disappointing. But since ABS CBN and GMA are there, and other companies who are in need of PR Persons, Copywriters, etc, I think we would all do fine. =)

Gotta go focus on my Press Releases. Lord Please let me make justice out of it! XD

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