Monday, February 13, 2006

chocolates and dances

I'm intrigued by some guy who's two years younger than my age.

Sang at my tita's churchmate's debut. Was cool. I sucked a bit but I guess they haven't noticed. And felt good because there are a number of cute guys. Problem is, I'm already their ate.

So there, at first, it felt so awkward but after the party and the program, of course, there is a dance. Was nice because I was a hit with all those guys. But this one person keeps on staring and (I guess) would wanna dance with me too. But he's just too shy. And Kapoof! that's it, no closure whatsoever. He was cute, but younger, he likes music, just like me. It's just so sad that I wasted my time dancing with other guys but he didn't even tried asking me. Maybe we would've hit off. Well, it's just a possibility. I'm just quite happy that some people are actually interested. Unlike, well, some.. whatever.

But I'm perfectly fine. And I missed Lovapalooza's coverage. And that's good since I feel sucked up with the feeling of love right now. At least I had an excuse instead of having to see couples kiss. And I had fun while sulking about the possibility that I would spend Valentine's Day (again) with my friends.


Downfall was, I never got to watch Gilmore Girls and haven't known what really happened between Logan and Rory. aww..

Can't sleep right now.

Maybe because I don't know where I stand. I feel as if I'm in this big crowd where people are saying so many things that I should do but I can't just hear nor understand them. Where I can't help but be dictated since I can't find my own voice. I don't know. It's weird right? It's more like a dream and I am more than willing to wake up.

Or maybe I'm just feeling down but youre not exactly picking me up in the right place. And I'm really scared because I might fall hard again. And wouldn't raise myself anymore. Sadly, no amount of chocolates could help me with that dilemma. argh.

guess I have to go. pending skulwork. crap.

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