Thursday, February 16, 2006

I'm still cool with it..

I thought I missed Valentine's Day.

Well, since I felt it was that dreadful, I planned on staying stuck on my bed, but then, I have classes so I can't really avoid it. Tried to smile most of the time during the jeepney rides, but then there were women that are holding flowers, estimating to maybe 350 pesos per bouquet that made me kinda sad because I haven't received those big bulks before.. ever..

Just when I thought it was kinda safer at school, I saw these high school students who were also holding these humongous bouquets. Thank you very much, my face is absolutely rubbed in.

But I'm not giving up on the concept of love, yumayaman lang ang mga nagtitinda sa Dangwa at mga motels tuwing Heart's Day! Anyway, I once said to my former boyfriend that I don't need flowers. I prefer teddy bears and stuff. Haha!


Went to Congress yesterday with Jam and Ruby. It's unbelievable how heart's day could change one's attitude, especially in a government establishment. Nope, no bouquets anymore, but guards and police are kinda behaving more courteous than ever. Well I guess I have to be thankful na rin. It's just that when Jam and I went to DOH for the second time, the guard kinda harrassed us. That we should've brought a letter daw, samantalang, its for the public to know about what's happening, etc. And besides, our parents are paying taxes for us to acquire sources from them right?

But anyway, Congress. It's cool because we didn't bring any letter or such to research, well, were required to bring one to access their library, but since we were asked to go to the Bills and Index Section, we found the not-so-approved bills for our study. And they were accomodating. No letters whatsover anymore.

So yun, no plans of burning one house there. Haha! Only one person knows what I mean. And were not exactly on speaking terms anymore since he doesn't know me well and shouldn't interfere in my life ever again. Don't ask anymore. Oh, it's your birthday today. nyarnyar.

My printer's never gonna work smoothly again, I think. And I'm positive my mom's not gonna buy me one again. OMG! I so have a life! hehehe!

Gotta go finish other work, and friend's stuff. Lord, please let me breathe! catch ya'll later!=)

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