Saturday, February 18, 2006

ria's day out

I had my break today. Well, an almost break. Had to go to Warner Bros. office to meet our interviewee, Sir Jay Gonzales for our PR class. Went well, I guess. I was in awe when I entered the office and has movie posters of such. Tsaka na kwento sa life nya, basta si Sir Jay, imagine nyo nalang, Columbia Pictures at Warner Brothers Pictures, pinag-aagawan sya. Lufet to the nth level. Mela and I planned to take pictures of his office, work and stuff. Unfortunately, we were so flattered that we went speechless when we met his for his calling card. What a lame situation. And the plan blew up. Argh. Anyway, I just have to be creative while doing the finals with it. He's so kewl!

I wanna be an Ortigas or Ayala officegirl in the near future. Kamusta naman diba? But really, I was amazed of the buildings that it made me wonder how it is to work there. At mas kamustahin natin ang dami ng cuties wearing their office attire and being neat and all. OMG, my feet is already on air.

So anyway, since we have the whole time for ourselves and a little pampering, Mela and I went to the girl's bestfriend. Yup, MALL where else? Walked from Wynsum Plaza to Galleria since its just a corner away. And actually spent 3 hours there. Saw Kelly Misa at Topshop and Jackie Lou Blanco. Kadiri pa kasi when we saw Jackie Lou, I was like, "ay Mela, si Jackie Lou Blanco". Imagine my semi-loud voice naman! But she smiled naman, being a celebrity and all.

But the greatest achievement goes to the both of us because we haven't been lost! Sorry naman, its just an accomplishment because we usually forget roads and all. Well, one time lang naman sa elevator ng Wynsum. Is it our fault that they have 30 or 40 floors, and separate elevators at the back, where it wouldn't be visible for first-timers? Fortunately, the guys told us that we were in the wrong elevator. Pasensya, nangangain pala ng tanga yung building na yun.


Wala lang, guess the movie.. sorry, A Walk to Remember hung-over.

gotta go, try to do business journ article.

and im out.

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