Sunday, February 19, 2006

Beat me up!

I feel restless, yet I haven't accomplished a thing.

Pending works:

*re-arranging thesis, adding a second appendix
*think, eat and drink CREATIVITY for PR Finals
*e-trail for investigative journ
*Business Feature article for Business Journ
*Player #11 for Press Ethics
*quizzes and more quizzes

Know what? I can't breathe anymore. I am eating stress but holding hard just to achieve graduation. I can't believe that in 2 weeks, all these should already be done. Well, some have started, but some are realy pending ones. Haven't even started yet. Instead of having time to do all these, we waste our precious times listening to some professors that has already stated the obvious in writing. I mean, why on earth couldn't they just allot some time for us to do their required projects than sitting and staring blankly on the whiteboard while they talk nonsense up front?

And BTW, I also hate professors who require us to report and then turn our reports into one lousy reader. Or doesn't teach at all. Imagine having to complain that they have these up-to-what preparations when all she does is correct our mistakes during our reports. Well well well, now where's that degree you've been blabbing about?huh?!? I'm sorry, I'm just fed up. Actually, the whole class is expecting to evaluate one professor this afternoon, but since she is, I think, already tenured, we haven't been given a chance to crush her durng faculty evaluation. That my friends, makes me sad for obvious matters.

My eyes are already closing. I just hope I have enough energy to function the whole day. Or else, I'm toast and will have to break schedules again.Gotta go. Promise to make it worthwhile in the next post, but for now, I have to catch a trip back to sanity.


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