Thursday, February 23, 2006


I didn't think it was possible to feel alone even when you're online.

Well, everyone on my YM is unavailable. One is opened but she's having an internship. Out of boredom, I tried looking at Lovehappens and now my tummy hurts of laughing to some guy's poses. Well, its better than dwell on useless stuffages I'm encountered to meet at this time of the day. (read: looking at ex's friendster)

Had a non-productive day. Called Philippine Basketball Association office today but said they didn't have contacts with Mr. Ed Cordero anymore. Where on earth could we ever find him?!? Last resort is to barge into Ms. Cabral's office at the Alumni Affairs and ask even for his address. At least we could pass something before Tuesday.

It's my brother's birthday this 23. And a friend's too. I just wish them both a Happy Natal Day and be great in their lives.

I wonder if my mom knows i'm snucking out just to access the Internet this late. I feel as if I'm always never caught. Not that i wanna be, but she saw me a while ago reading in the dark. And she told me to stop doing it because I should've done it earlier.

Anyway, I'm excited with Meri and Elizel's plan of doing a 4jrn1 website. At least, there'll be a little something when we leave the Ivy halls of our Alma Mater.
Now I could feel more pressure as our professors are dawning it into our systems. They gave more pending works that make us worry whether we're gonna be stuck in UST forever or line up to march at PICC on March 29. It sucks to think that we have barely two weeks in class and consider that this week is the last regular class week. Time is indeed short. (uy brent, I'm finally getting kinda nostalgic. hope you won't roll your eyes too.) (^___^)

catchya again later!

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