Monday, February 06, 2006

PBB Celebrity Edition

In this universe, si Sedfrey ang isa sa mga spoiler na tao. Sabihin ba naman ang contestants before the show! Shempre nabasa ko before i-air, naku Sedpoy! Kahit kailan talaga.

Well, here's the line-up:

Keanna Reeves
Aleck Bovick
Bianca Gonzalez
Roxanne Barcelo
Gretchen Malalad
Mich Dulce
Angela Calina

Rustom Padilla
John Prats
Christian Vasquez
Zanjoe Marudo
Rico Robles
Budoy Marabilles
Rudy Fernandez

Lufak! Ang hot ni Christian and Zanjoe. hunky-hunks talaga. I wish ako na lang pumalit kay Bianca Gonzalez..ehehe..

But seriously, I think its better for them just to cast stars for the show. Kasi after naman ng contest, nagiging artista din naman sila lahat. Plus there are lots of ABS-CBN Talents who are just there for a period in time then goes kapoof when the viewers don't buy their antics anymore. And I'm expecting cooler stars than them. Hello? Rustom Padilla? I mean, I have nothing against the guy. It's just that he was the finale. And he isn't even that popular anymore. And yeah, I think he's really gay. What'll happen to my Christian! ngark! At least I still have Sam.. XD

My bezzie went here with her baby this afternoon. And I forced them both to church even though they were already converted to another religion. Her mother-in-law also found out about it. hehe. I just hope they wouldn't get into trouble because of me.

Watched "While You Were Sleeping" last night. It was so sweet. I actually could also identify with Sandra Bullock's character in the movie. Like she has dreamt of having a nice guy and making her dream happen all of a sudden. But heck, I'm still on the dream part. No nice guys whatsoever yet. But I think he's gonna come soon. After all, I'm months away to being a career woman.


Wow, I never imagined that I would say that. Ha! I think I'd better get used to it. But still, I have to find a job first. A job fair would be held on Wednesday at school. I just hope I'd be hired on one of the publishing or media companies instead of the 'communications' firms (read: Call Centers)

And by brother's positive about me getting a job. He said that if I decide to buy a new phone after saving up my salary,I should give my e398 to him. And he made my blood rise when he showed a picture of my fone, with much better features and a large memory. Crazy brother!

Oh well, I think i have to go to sleep now. Whoever you are, I love you. I just want you to know. Just go figure out who you really are. Nyahaha..

..And I'm out! XD

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