Sunday, September 18, 2005

Though I haven't been able to cheer for UST SALINGGAWI DANCE TROUPE today, I'm so freaking happy for all of them!

4-peat na kami!!!

And kahit na hindi kami nakapunta ni Nina, we faced a lot of adventures today.

First things first, dapat kasi we'd go to the UST Gym to get an ambush interview of the Baseball players, but to no avail, we just declared a BUM DAY. This time it's diff, kasi kahit bum day, we still planned it. (But we haven't followed them.)

Dapat 2pm, nasa Ab na kami, then after cheering, we'd go to SM San Lazaro for the Docufest.

At quarter to one, we sat at the AB lobby to watch the cheering but them hordes of students blocked our view so Nina decided to go out and look for a TV set, one in some carinderia's outside the campus.

Luckily, the eatery that we often go to has a TV set and were the only ones there.

We picked good ones, but still, Salinggawi's the best. Eh sobrang nahiya na kami dun sa owners kaya we just went back to AB after La Salle's performance. At shempre para kung manalo nga ang USTe, todong school spirit with all the people being united chuva.

So yun, 3rd place FEU, 2nd UP, and for the fourth time, UST won!

....I so love my school, I really wish that after we graduate, I could also come to live competitions just like the alumni does..

Eh, pa-loser sa tagal yung Cheering Competition so hindi na kami nakapunta sa Docufest. Sayang talaga!

but SNAP CLAPS for all of them!!!

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