Monday, September 19, 2005

silver-white dresses and blue satin sashes...

I watched two great classics yesterday, one a three-hour movie, the other a four-hour marathon. Just kidding!

1. The Sound of Music

shempre, there's a reason why I did watch the movie, first, we had the copy in DVD format and because I was again, feeling sorry for myself that I couldn't sing the way they did. And actually, it really did some encouragements for me, not to mention I was really singing the "I am sixteen, going on seventeen" song of Liesl.

And I researched some of them just now. Because I really adore little Gretl.

from here..
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to here..
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and some of them are old na pala talaga. I thought they look young pa or something kasi Julie Andrews, who played Maria, still looked fantastic pa.

2. Gone with the Wind
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ito talaga ang super classic. I haven't watched it before and includes an entrance song, interlude and all kaya sobrang 4-hour sya.

Vivien Leigh was so pretty, also, the fluffy dresses that she wore are so pretty. At ang ibang level, kahit naghihirap na sila sa movie, she could still afford to look sossy and all.

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ayan, so much for the not-so-long post and massive amount of pictures posted.
so, ayan, obvious na Bum day na naman yesterday, and I've got to be back on the real world again..


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