Saturday, September 17, 2005

wahehe, I just got a free internet connection today again.

Just went from the serials' section of the library when I asked Brent to help me get my next report for my Commtheory Class. After that, we noticed that there were 2 empty seats here at the Relion section so lo and behold, were now power tripping here.

Anyway, I got tired waiting for Mela to upload the pictures so I guess I'll just see them later. Well, those were the ones I took during the ABS-CBN Studio tour and 2 of them were the Big Brother House. I really insisted on taking a look at the house because I'm adore the house, the show and the works..

eto na lang pic na to ipopost ko..


Tenchu kay Atoy! ( snap claps for him!) for scanning the long-awaited pic. Ooh, I can't believe that in a few months, we'll be marching at the PICC na. But anyway, we still have to PASS Maam Rivera's class of course. Because right now, isa sya sa maraming problemang dumadating sa kasagabalan ng Senior Year namin. Yup! Senior na ko.. Anyone dare to comment on that?

While were still dreading for the Literary Criticism, (which by the way, mukhang yung mga papers na naman namin ang magkakaroon ng criticisms from Maam Rivera), weve been so busy with the MAJORS-- Broadjourn and Sportjourn.. And guess what? Baseball magazine doesn't seem to fit me in their taste. I really can't write anything sport-y.. Let alone writing anything sports column-y. I just wish I didn't blow my commentary on the Manny Pacquiao column or he would definitely punch my ass up to the air.

jesse bradford

Watched Bring It On last night. Jesse Bradford is such a hottie. I mean, that movie was shown year 2000 and he still looked hot.

Back to being senti, I guess Im npot like this anymore..

Image hosted by

Got this from Postsecrets and I was just like this person few months ago. I guess I've been really determined to move on but I'm scared to be alone as well.

I saw my diaries last night and read them all. From being shallow to being twenty, I guess I pretty grown well. That I was able to keep myself from dangerous people, I befriended the greatests friends that I would really treasure for a lifetime. And with relationships, I'm pretty sure that I met the best people in this world. And although I haven't seen the person who would sweep me off my feet, I'm still glad to be here, still standing and hoping.

....But I really wish I wouldn't wait that long.

....And I really wish he's not seeing anyone yet.
.....And do pray that my mom would let him be my boyfriend one day. =)

We'll go cheering for the Salinggawi cheering squad tomorrow for the CheerDAnce Competition. Yay! so excited!

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