Saturday, September 24, 2005

I brought my laptop only to find out that Brent's not going to be using it.. oh well, life sucks..

Our class watched the VOLLEYBALL game of our profs this morning. I used my entire energy to cheer for them that I feel wasted right now. I can't even breathe anymore. Then went to SMSL with Mela. I was actually hoping to see my friends working there but didn't guess afternoon sked nila. And I was hoping they would carry my things. nyahaha..

I have tons to do this following weeks that I couldn't afford to stall anymore. Have to think of possibilities on how to write Sport-y articles and all. My only highest grade is on that Pacquiao column and it wouldn't do me a miracle to actually snag a higher grade. Must pray, must plead actually.

ooh, and for those who went to the seminar yesterday, I found the SUPERNATURAL website. DO click at the name.

gotta go to Ethics class, which I'm too sleepy to even be there. belch now.


oh, and if my lola haven't died yet, this day could've been her birthday. It still is actually.

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