Friday, September 23, 2005

Maam Marie brought Mr. Leo Katigbak, head of Studio 23, to have a talk this morning.

It was actuall great, having to be bibbo and all about the powerpoint presentation, the series that they're airing studio 23 and having to ask different questions about Big Brother, Gilmore Girls, Amazing Race, etc.

Then he also brought a series called "SUPERNATURAL" and it would start airing a studio 23 next year. It was good actually. Sobrang pilot episode paang, ibang level na talaga. And I enjoyed it because Jared Padalecki stars in it.

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I enjoyed Big Brother last night because finally! Chx was reprimanded to go near Sam.
Believe me, I was really psyched just seeing SAM to be with anyone than CHX.

At ibang level ang Rico, artista na. Was in Yes Yes Show last Night.

Im confused right now. ewan. May nakita kasi akong kakaiba eh. but anyway, I dont wanna think of possibilities whatsoever. I just needed to lie down for a while.

Thesis makes me berserk. ARGH!

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