Friday, September 30, 2005


wala lang, nagpapacute lang..hehe

I've been scared this whole week. Am actually terrified of walking through our stairs because I'm always getting this creepy feeling that I would see the kid whose been possessed in the Exorcist Movie. We haven't finished watching it so I asked Malyn to go to our house tomorrow and both be scared. Just unwinding til everything gets so bloody at school.

So, kamusta naman ang mga projects diba? Have tons of pending paperworks and dinagdagan pa ni Maam Tuble. And she was hoping I would pass the paper on Monday, well I'm hoping with her too. Hope she'd move the deadline or something.

Thesis is halfway through,thank you very much. After this week would be the editing of segments in BroadJourn and I really must finish all the articles so we could layout the mag and send it to the printers on time. Its amazing how one week should be viewed as a one month's work for me.

And as a multi-tasker myself, I really should do everything on a daily basis. No afternoon naps on Saturday, only one movie a day, one telephone call, 1 set of meals.

And remember that when you're already facing the computer monitor, proceed immediately to Word or Pagemaker instead of clicking the accessories menu and heading to playing Solitaire or Freecell.

I'm beginning to be so dead...and tired.. and stuffed.


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