Saturday, July 30, 2005

my layout is ruined. i dunno what happened with it. but im not fretting yet, i think there's this connection problem in the library again.


i cant believe what happened yesterday! the only day that i was absent was the day that they have been doing the broadcast exercise. i really missed the chance. and i really wanted to be a broadcaster? stupid grad studio. i hate them now.

ive been restless these past few days. almost everyday, i would just have 3-6 hours of sleep. no wonder hindi na ko tumangkad no? its just so tiring to go to school, go malling and have a life at the same time. parang wala na kong "ME" time katulad noon where i could spend the whole day bumming, tapos i would watch all the movies i could see, have a mani-pedi courtesy of myself and just lie on the bed.

i cant see myself doing all that anymore.


ive been meaning to change the other blog's layout. im maintaining 3 blogs already plus the one on multiply. but as ive said, i need new inspirations. help!


gotta stop chatting now. im talking wto myself already..

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