Friday, July 29, 2005

for the past twenty minutes, i really felt that its lonely without your friends if you happen to have your gradpic taken..

nyahaha, i just felt sad that there's no one to cheer me up and force me to smile. i dont like to see the photographer's face. i wanna see mela, bubut or even brent there. i cant even decide on what to choose for the annual, the 8R and the 2r's and believe it or not, this picture would forever haunt me because it is a living proof that i graduated (or about to graduate) at USTe..

i feel really bad.

i dont feel confident on how i looked because i was comparing it to my cutesy high school gradpic.. i know, pathetice isnt it, but it feels sad picking out without friends having their thoughts or something.. tapos wala rin akong gradpic sa fone ko.. nakakainis talaga..buti na nga lang nandun si DADA and PRINCESS MICHIE, or else, im gonna barf..

just so everyone would know, its my first time to be absent on one of my majors. i mean, i skipped thesis to watch if only, but missing Broadcast Journalism class is a lot to me. argh..i really feel bad not seeing Mam Mamawal and all the things i could learn, especially when it could pave my my way to ba famous..

tama na nga..

have to meet my friends pa.. waah! i missed broadjourn. i cant even stop thinking about it...

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