Saturday, July 30, 2005

If I would have my memory erased, would I still meet you again?

Just random thoughts. Whenever I watch a movie, its either I get to relieve with it or get traumatized and never watch it again. Like in IF ONLY, my friends are already fed up with me bringing it up. Maybe I talk too much about it because I could or I would also die for love. I love the idea of being in love and having someone to share it with.

Now this movie, ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND, is another one that I must say, moved me to a different psyche. But in my case, I would have a diverse way of the procedure. First, I would let my memories be taken away, all the pain and all the joys that I have experienced. WHY? Because I would rather not meet him than see us both being hurt. I know he's happy now. And maybe I'm not that miserable anymore because I'm starting to appreciate my present situation. But I hate it whenever memories would take over me and feel sorry for not continuing the relationship, or I haven't fought for it. I know, pathetic, but I finally realized that I should really learn to love myself again and not make myself wretched anymore. And you know what, I grew tired of waiting so kahit 20% na lang daw ang straight guys sa Earth, (according to DUDA)
I would still wait and hang on to the idea of love.


again, I bummed the whole weekend. Watched 2 movies actually, CLOSER and ETERNAL SUNSHINE nga, then back-to-back episodes of Gilmore Girls. Next week, Rory’s graduation na. Actually reruns na lang sya, but still I really like the show.

Oh I wish that Sun Cellular would work already. I have to text people and disturb them all. Nyahaha. That's an advantage when you're single you know? You get to text or call your friends and ask if they happen to know someone you could date. But so far, I haven't got any. Sayang. Hehe just kidding. Graduate muna ko.

Have to go soak my head to the nearest pillow. I'm sluggish already.

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