Thursday, July 21, 2005

suddenly, my urge to blog is kicking in my head again

actually, im proud to say that my to-do list was halfway done.. finished the interview, finished the blogging article, and the report for commtheory.. all i have to do tonight is to review for the Broadjourn test, write the sports article and do the assignment for my Ethics class. i hate this but my eyes arent that clear anymore.. base from my mom's conclusion, it was probably because of 1. lack of sleep
2. too much time in front of the computer and
3. that I refuse to wear the eyeglasses that she gave me

...and apparently, im always wrong.....again


Nina forces me to go with with her to take our graduation pictures. they did it yesterday but they have to re-take because the togas that they've worn are not the ones for our college.. at least i wont have to go there again like them..nyahaha..but eventually, i will have to let them take my graduation picture.. im just scared to face a lot of responsibilities and scared that i might not get what i deserve.. and another thing is, i dont want them to take a picture of me looking like a sick pet. i want to have lots of sleep first, make the pimples--due to stress-- on my face disappear.. katulad nung sinabi ni bob ong, nakakainis ang pimple, parang sinasabi nya na "isa kong malaking pimple na tinubuan ng mukha.. teka, i feel so groos already.. sorry for telling you all these..

after this, gagalugarin ko ang Quiapo to have an IF ONLY VCD , oo ganun ako ka-engrossed sa story that's why i would resort to a cheaper and hopefully clear copy.. i even made kuya harold look for it sa net, havent found the movie so i really have to search Quiapo..a must for today..its just that i fell its my reward for doing lots of things and having to experience a heck of complications these past few days..pero nami-miss ko na yung teddy bear ko!!! balik ka na kasi dito!


magpakasaya na tayong lahat habang may time..nyahahaha!

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