Tuesday, July 19, 2005

and eventually, im not over it yet..

i cant believe im saying this..

ive been stupid to myself and to my friends..

i failed to let them see the real me..

nyahaha..joke lang, namimiss ko lang kayong lahat..


but really, the past occurences was so weird to explain.. its as if the world is ganging up on me..but then, i couldnt let it swallow me whole.. i have to fight for my sanity..

watched WAR OF THE WORLDS last night..sorry loser, kagabi lang po because i have this report regarding the movie and a radio show in 1930's..i mean, how could the people be so naive? i guess yan ang epekto ng media sa people..wow! i could also rule the universe..but nah, im not planning on that.. im not usualy submissive but i cant take over the world..not for now..

and also watched MY WIFE IS A GANGSTER.. shempre, feel good movie ulit..para naman tumawa ko ng sobra.. though im not, i mean, i refuse to cry for now, i guess, ill be alright.. tough nga ako sabi ni bubut..

gotta go meet our thesis adviser for now..i cant believe i went to netopia para mag-internet..oo kuripot ako, ayoko talaga dito pero i have to pour my sentiments here..


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