Sunday, July 24, 2005

im hoping for a new layout.. yoohoo..abby?!?
so anyway, i just got from mela's dorm and went to the bus station via Olongapo.. i wish i could also take a break from all the pressures that ive been experiencing. and i promised myself that during this long weekend, i would reeeelaaaxx.... (i just stressed the relax since i really plan to do so.)

and i feel guilty for passing our article to Vanessa. i mean, i know she could also do the editing and all. i hope she wont get mad at me.. after all, wala namang class sa Monday..

and here's to politics: im not sure what would be GMA's SONA for this season but im really hoping for the best. i just hope this country could stop experiencing terrible things because its making the Philippines tired from all the fights and rallies.. if our national flag and our heroes could only speak today, i wonder kung ano sasabihin nila sa Pinas.. but for sure, they wouldnt be proud..

ok, lets stop the politicking (from POLDY) die oh die..

i have decided to make my gradpic taken this wednesday, just so i could have a reason to go to school and have to think of ways to confess everything to my parents. this would be a very long trial to discuss..

gotta go check my sanity..barf..

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