Monday, October 29, 2012

I Can Be Body Beautiful at Any Age with Wacoal

As a working girl in (almost) late twenties, my body has developed in full bloom as the years passed. I was skinny at first, then age has gotten into me that I went from medium to large. Little did I know, Wacoal products will make my body beautiful at any age. Their lace undergarments are comfortable and perfect for the corporate dresses and LBDs that I always wear to work. Its fun and experimental, just perfect for lil' ol' me. :)

My mom always tell me to buy black underwear. Just like the photo below, black and lace underwear makes me feel sexy. Even at 27 and Large, I embraced the body I have now. Besides, I am contented with what my genes have given me over the years. Let's just say that my cup size matters, and Wacoal gives that perfect fit. :)

Know more about Wacoal at and discover that you are Body Beautiful, whatever age you may be. This feature is also brought to you by

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  1. Its it really nice to wear black undies then red. I don't know about this because it is a girls stuff but kind of interesting with colors.


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