Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Suddenly It's Magic Cast
Before the long weekend starts, why not start your vacation with a feel good romantic comedy, Suddenly It's Magic? I felt so privileged that I was invited again to their press conference last Monday, and in awe that I saw Thai Superstar Mario Maurer for the second time. And of course, I was enthralled to meet Erich Gonzales again, now with the whole cast of the movie.

Onscreen lovebirds, Mario and Erich
Suddenly It's Magic's plot is about Thai superstar Marcus Hanson (Maurer), who finds the magic of love in the Philippines, were he meets the heartbroken pastry baker, Joey Hermosa (Gonzales). When Marcus took a break in Ilocos, he meets Joey and tried winning the "yes" of this dazzling Pinay.  I find it amusing that Erich and Mario has this amazing chemistry onscreen. Who would've thought that these two beautiful actors could come up with such a must see film?

Mario Maurer answers politely during the Press Conference. I can't believe that a superstar like him could be that humble. From a simple background, Mario never dreamt that he would be an actor. "I was discovered when I was skateboarding. My mom wouldn't let me buy my own skateboard so I had to look for a job to earn me money to buy one for myself", he said. He was also vocal that he enjoyed his shooting at Ilocos and wishes to visit more places in the country.   That and many more reasons why you should watch Suddenly It's Magic.

Ms. Ces, Dinkee and Ms. Joy
Completing the cast are Joross Gamboa, Joy Viado, Guji Lorenzana, Ces Quesada, Dinkee Doo, John Lee and Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul. This film written by Ms. Vanessa Valdez, the same scriptwriter for The Mistress movie and directed by Ms. Rory B. Quintos.

Ms. Rory Quintos
Mario and Erich
Mario Maurer is such a cutie pie!
Its not yet the movie, and I'm already kilig!
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