Saturday, October 27, 2012

TSG Megamall
Its been six years since I've been working in the Metro Manila, so I can't help but have lunch at fast food chains where there's a lot of grub and fat. Good thing I found an alternative to my quick lunch out with THE SANDWICH GUY at the Lower Ground floor of SM Megamall Building A. So goodbye to my unhealthy food choices from now on. 

Hello LUNCH!
Aside from being healthy, I was in love with their food packaging. Their microwavable pack is great for people on-the-go like myself. Imagine beating your deadlines while having lunch at the same time. You can multitask minus the messy plates and tables. Convenience at its best! 

So here is my hefty and healthy lunch:

Now that's what I call cheesy
I chose the Cheesy Bacon Baked Potato (Php95) for appetizer. This potato goodness is mixed with bacon and melted cheese that's perfect for health buffs who wants to load on carbs. I prefer the melted cheese because its tasty and goes very well with the potatoes. And since I'm bacon's biggest fan, this is a pure WIN!

I'm pretty sure your kids will enjoy this spaghetti
For their pasta choices, they have the Creamy Carbonara (Php90), Tommy Boy (Php75), Pesto (Php80), Chicken/Seafood Pesto (Php105) and Spaghetti la Tomato (Php85). I chose the latter because I am used to getting the Chicken Pesto and I had to try out something I have never ordered before. Their Classic Spaghetti is close to home. I can order this everyday and would never get tired. This will be very much enjoyed by children and the young at heart like myself. :)

Chicken Goodness
Lastly, we had the Grilled Tender Chicken Sandwich. With more than ten types of sandwiches, you could never lose track with what to order at The Sandwich Guy. They boast of its own BAKED whole wheat bread and uses only the fresh and organic ingredients. This yummy and healthy meal is just perfect for people who are on a diet. Oh wait, that's me! Try their Fresh, not Fried meals now and see the difference from other fast food establishments around. 

Happy Tummy!
Thank you, The Sandwich Guy Megamall for this healthy lunch treat. Now I have THE ALTERNATIVE for my one hour lunch out. Oh, and I hope you'd bring back the Mango Juice that I used to order at your Shaw Boulevard Branch. I am FOREVER a fan. :)

To know more about The Sandwich Guy, you may visit their Facebook Page at or you may check out their menu at their website via

Happy Lunch dates everyone! Share your TSG experience too so I would know what to order next. :)


This is a good alternative to healthy eating while in an "m on the go" kind of schedule or life. Wishing they will open a branch here in Davao City =)




Looks yummy, especially the baked potato. Gotta try it next time I go to Megamall.


Looks expensive for me for a sandwich but based on your review, I think the taste is worth the price.


You look so healthy Ria


I loooooove the Sandwich Guy! :D I'm a sucker for their sandwiches! It makes me full in an instant :) Pricey yes, but worth it!


The chicken goodness you ordered looks like a healthy choice. I'll try that next time


I would go back to try the other baked potato variants and definitely my favorite Crabsticks and Mangoes Sandwich! :D


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