Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Plan in Style with the 2012 Belle De Jour Power Planner

Presenting the 2012 BDJ Planner!
 Four years ago, I glanced upon Belle De Jour Power Planner in one of my Cosmopolitan Magazines. At that time, I was using a refillable planner that was given to me by my friend during high school and I would just buy paper refills from Tickles and Personalize Me. It was useful for a moment but I got tired of looking at the same thing over and over again. So when I can finally get the chance to buy a BDJ Planner (where they sold at CBTL Greenbelt on a weekday), I dragged my then-boyfriend to Makati because I was determined to have one. And since then, I was a convert! I just had to buy my yearly planners from them.

My BDJ planners over the years
Every October, I had to wait for BDJ Planners to come out. During 2008, I ordered my 2009 BDJ Planner online and they shipped it in front of my doorstep. It was only October 2009 when they started the BDJ Fair at Eastwood Mall and got my 2010 planner at a discounted price and talks from influential people from fashion to career were held. At that time, I had BDJ friends from the rendezvous’ that I attended. I won prizes, brought home loot bags and goodies. But mostly, I met great BDJ girls like Mitchell, Nikole, Chim, Rhia, Fatima, Reich, Gaye and then Krystle, Helen, Lala and more. I even had recruits like my former officemates Jenny and Khamz and now my classmate, Precious.

This year, I had my 2012 BDJ Planner at Eastwood, with the theme, “Take Flight”. It was fun, there were different booths, prizes and more goodies. But what I celebrated more was getting my 2012 BDJ Powerplanner. And how I am loving it! :) Thanks to Ms. Darlyn Ty for creating such fabulous planners.

The cover for this year is Bella posing beside the Eiffel Tower. It actually inspires me to travel more and hopefully travel abroad. It again comes with the BDJ Lifestyle Card which you can use for discounts and freebies at their partner establishments.

Yay! The BDJ girls are posted at the planner :)
As a certified “Bella”, I was so happy that my picture with the girls is posted inside the planner during our Barre3 session. See? If you buy your BDJ Planner now, you will get the chance to experience many activities and even help the less fortunate kids. Like during the fair, the entrance fee was for the benefit of Scuolla dela Guioia (Tondo) and SKR Program (Romblon) scholars.

2012 BDJ Planner's features
Belle De Jour Planner is packed with a lot of features. Their newest for this year is the “Letter to Self”. Of course, the discount coupons, vacation planner, BDJ Checklist, and Special Events Tracker are there again. Mine was the book bind version because the last time I used the spring-bind, the clumsy me ruins the planner in the first half of the year. But of course, its just because I bring my planner wherever I go (Yes, even when I’m out of town!).

Let's start planning!
A whole page of the Monthly Calendar is always helpful for me. I would usually write the gist of my important dates in it so I could check whether the event is already near. The daily planner, however, has a lot of space this time. I am already foreseeing that mine would again be so colorful since I love using gel pens with different colors. :)

How about you? Did you purchase your own planner already? If not, get your 2012 Belle de Jour Planner now! You can also order online at http://www.belledejourpowerplanner.com/2011/bdj_product_list.php?product=Book starting October 18. Enjoy your BDJ planners (and your new BFF) Bellas!


  1. I just tweeted you a few minutes about your photo on the 2012 planner. I thought my eyes were wrong. Nice detailing of the planner, btw! =)

  2. Hahaha! There's another one pa, but its not clearly shown. :))

  3. I'm so glad to see you at the fair. :) I love BDJ Planners! :) Pang 4th ko na rin! This time wala ng spring yung akin. Yey!

  4. may 5th planner! still loving it! I missed this year's fair.. bday ng lil munchkin ko :)

  5. Bumping into this makes me wish for the 2012 planner to be available na. So excited!

  6. @Tchelski: Sayang nga. Your name was called pa sa raffle. Sayang! :(( But family comes first ;)

  7. @Elie: Yes, its available na at www.belledejourpowerplanner.com :) Buy one na rin so you can be part of the BDJ Circle na rin :)

  8. aaaw i am so touched that you mentioned me as one of your friends hihih arte! anyway my gulay i haven't browsed the 2012 planner yet since i want to surprise myself maybe december, i might be super thrilled if i'll browse through it as early as now haha so anyway now i am shocked and overwhelmed at the same time "our Barre3 picture" wooohooo! un lang tlga ang point ng comment kong ito haha =)

  9. Hey bella! <3 Im about to purchase my first BDJ Planner. What's the difference between using the springbound planner and the one without spring? 'Hope you can help me decide which one to buy lol. XD Thanks sizzie.

  10. Hi Elisse! I had three spring bind planners and the pages are easily taken out, but maybe Im just clumsy? :)) But if youre careful naman with your planner, there's not much of a difference. Its just that the bookbind version is more suitable for women on the go like myself because I bring mine everywhere :)

  11. I save my money for this. Nahikayat mo talaga ako Ria na bumili rin nito :)

  12. congratulations on your winning post! i hope you could drop by my blog and join my giveaway!


  13. Thanks Swexie :)

    I'm just proud to be a BDJ girl :))

    Sure, will check your blog..


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