Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Whoever believes that the world will end soon? (Photo credits: 2012 Movie)
Since the movie 2012, I have been wondering when will the world really end. Instead of worrying, wouldn't it be nice if we start living and enjoy our lives to the fullest? But if you, say, are given only a few days to spend your life, what would you do? Let's imagine that the widget on the right side of my blog is the Earth's countdown counter, what would your bucket list include before it runs out?

Here's my "To Do's" before the world ends:

1. Travel to Italy and Rome - I don't care if I have 24 hours, I just wanna see the fashion and feel of Europe!

2. Go on a shopping spree - since you can't bring wealth when you die, why not be with them before you say bye bye to the world? :]

3. Record my own album - I am a frustrated artist. I know I can sing, but I want a record album of my favorite songs. And maybe even compose a song or two.

4. Meet my favorite authors Mitch Albom, Nicholas Sparks, Paolo Coelho and J.K. Rowling - These people have influenced me to read over th_e past years. It would be nice to thank them for writing such inspirational books.

5. Go on an adventure getaway - Remember that Sam Milby - KC Concepcion movie, "Forever and a Day" where they did extreme sports and even tried river rafting? I am not that adventurous. I hate getting mud on my body. But if its the end of the world, it would be nice to try something different for me.

6. Be reunited with all my friends - I have friends from the provinces to overseas. It would be great to have a party and see them altogether in one gathering.

7. Sponsor an outreach - This is something I wanted to do for the longest time. I wanted to party with kids at an orphanage or go back to Golden Acres to give gifts and fun to the less fortunate individuals.

8. Have an eat-all-you-can feast - Since I am trying to lose weight, buffets are tempting for me now. But if the world will end, why not have all the sumptuous food in the world?

9. Watch all the movies that I missed - I am such a movie junkie. It would be nice to have a movie marathon with my family at a private cinema.

10. Be married to Jeff - If I could have my way, I would wanna get married to my boyfriend Jeff then and there. It would be the perfect time because we wouldn't need to consider anything or anyone before we decide to spend our lives together. And of course, he's the one I wanna be with until my last breath.

How about you? What would your bucket list include? Mine are doable in some aspect. And hopefully, I could get to complete them before the world actually ends :)

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