Monday, October 17, 2011

Yeng and her new album
I have always been a fan of Yeng Constantino since her Pinoy Dream Academy days. So when Orange Magazine TV asked me to cover the press launch of her newest album, Yeng Versions Live!, at RaiRai Ken, SM North EDSA, The Block, last October 13, I didn’t hesitated a bit. I know I just had to go.

During the press launch
The Rockoustic Princess, Yeng Constantino, was so accommodating. She loves to laugh and she answers with “po” and “opo” to everyone. I approached her and even if it was the first time I was able to face her, she greeted me with the biggest smile. During her interview, she said that she’s been dreaming to release an album in Asia, just like her fellow singer, Christian Bautista.

I just had to take a picture with her! :)
When I asked her how much she has changed during her PDA days until now, she said that her music is more mature now, her goals are more in line to be known internationally and her song “Hawak Kamay” are planned to be translated in other languages. Pretty cool right?

As her first album that has been recorded live, she said that this record should have no room for errors so she’s happy it went out well. Here are the tracks in Yeng Versions Live!, which is a tribute to popular OPM artists:

1. Alapaap
2. Mahirap Magmahal ng Syota ng Iba
3. Paniwalaan Mo
4. Kumusta Ka
5. Even If
6. Kahapon Lamang
7. Kahit Konti
9. Banal na Aso, Santong Kabayo
10. Hawak Kamay / Salamat Medley

After hearing the album, I loved Alapaap (by Eraserheads) and the Hawak Kamay Medley. Alapaap, because I grew up with that song and it made me reminisce my elementary days.

The album comes with a CD and a DVD
Grab a copy now of Yeng Versions Live! now with the DVD of the video version of the tracks. Or you can download them at


her hairstyle really suits her:)


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