Monday, October 10, 2011

Online shopping, only at
Online shopping is one of my favorite things to do. Because I'm such a person who wants so many things done in a short time, looking for great finds in the Internet is a blessing to shoppers like myself. One of my favorite among them is

For the shopaholics like me!

When my boyfriend and I were talking about it the last time, he thought that its concept was just like in the States, where they sell used stuff and you get to bid on it. I laughed and told him that it was so “What Women Want”. Remember that Mel Gibson movie where Bette Midler was eyeing for an antique vase during a therapy session? Well, that's kind of a passe now. not only caters to sellers with second hand items but also with new things as well. And everytime I purchase there, my contacts are always accommodating and I get quality satisfaction from the items to the service.

Now my favorite group-buying deal site :)
Just recently, the rise of group-buying deal sites emerged in the Philippines and I found out during one time of online shopping that also ventured in the business named Kuponan. I always sign-up when I see a website just like theirs because I might find a good deal in such a low price. Being the kuripot  that I am, it is important that I find cheap buys in the Internet especially if my credit card is on the line. Of course, I wouldn't want to be burdened with a massive amount in my bills right?

I can't wait to get my hands on this perfume.
So to aid my shopping dilemmas, is just right for me. They feature great deals such as discounts to restaurants, travels, fashion and the like. One of the great deals I found right now is their feature on Paris Hilton Classic Eu de Parfum. If I would buy one in shopping malls, it would cost me Php2,490. But at Kuponan, its priced at Php999 with its 60% discount! 

I remember my Mom telling me how pricey my vices are like perfume and beauty products. Now, I can tell her she's wrong. Not only did I saved money, the transaction was also a breeze because the delivery of my item is free! For other deals like restaurants and spas, you can just pay a minimum advance deposit, print your voucher and you can pay how much is left when you get avail of their services at their establishment. At least if you didn't get to use them, it wouldn't burn much of a hole in your pocket.

So for great deals that's within your budget, visit Kuponan now or LIKE Ebay Philippines' Facebook Page for more details. How about you? Did you purchased an attractive deal at Kuponan lately?


Ang cute ng perfume! Pag may deal ng Wonderstruck sabihan mo ako! I'm so gonna buy (deal or no deal). :)


Ang bango pa niyan promise! :) A good deal indeed! :)

Now let's wish Kuponan would also feature Taylor Swift's perfume (Wonderstruck) on their site :)


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