Tuesday, August 05, 2008

And Again...

I was hooked to this Chinese series that I stayed up until one am. I know, I have the DVD and stuff, but I was really fond of the characters and it is a continuation of a love story. So finally, after two non-working DVDs, the third one worked. Only to know that it will be aired in abs-cbn. Kamusta naman. I wont tell the series na, baka isipin ng iba ginagaya ko sha eh. And I don't wanna be associated as copycat naman. So there, I guess some of you already know what I'm talking about. Basta super noon pa sha inaadvertise sa ABS-CBN. They even scheduled it Saturdays at ten. Then I was completely disappointed when I saw Matanglawin instead. haha. TV junkie. LOL.

Anyhoo, 30 days left before my birthday!! I cant wait really. You see last year, I didn't get to spend it with my friends because of the gap that tore us apart for a while. But since the Happy T(h)ree Friends are up and running, I guess a celebration is in the works. I just don't know where exactly we'll go. hehehe. Or it may be the usual night-out, but definitely twice the fun. :D


I feel kind of in the dumps today. Maybe its because of the rain or how foggy it is that I couldn't see the buildings of Ortigas anymore. Nah.

A colleague and sort of friend, Sanjay will be resigning soon. Haven't talked to him yet (As if naman ganun kami ka-close!) but I kind of wanted to know because he's been nice and all for the past months. We even joke a lot whenever we bump along the office halls pa. Marky even told me in this manner pa "Blair, mawawala na Chuck Bass". Hahaha. See, we were kind of doing a Gossip Girl thingie here at the office. I even have an Eleonor Waldorf since my boss kind of acts like a mommy to me. hehehe. She even wears my headbands and show it off to the other officers. hahaha. Going back, many of my friends have gone already. I just hope that if its already my turn to leave, I could put even a little mark in their minds that I once became the youngest employee and still remained bubbly despite the trials that Ive encountered. Drama Drama Drama.

Now S, we have to look for a C. hahaha.


Cosmo Bachelor bash on September 11. I just hope I could win tickets so I could bring Mela there. Wala lang, boy-hunting for her. Who knows, she could find her match there.

Gotta go. Its raining SOOOOO hard outside. Asa naman ako masuspend ang work. LOL.


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