Monday, September 10, 2007

Heller Droopy Eyes!

I am so sleepy. My eyes are trying to close every minute. Good thing its nearly three and work would end in a few hours. I just miss my bed. I wanna sleep so long. But I think that's impossible from my point of view. Oh well.


Hon and I are starting our part-time endeavor. I wish it would work out well. I know that it would take our precious time but then, he is very eager to start the business. He even made the site and all. So I don't want to disappoint him because this is like our baby. I know, it sounds mushy, but I really love him in every way he's made of. :D

Basta, do check up our site. Though its still under construction because there are no uploads yet. siguro we'll launch it by next week. Do click this link. Thanks


Have to go. I'm so uber busy right now. Love yah pals. :D

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