Thursday, March 15, 2007

Harry Potter Stamps, Anyone?

I wanna go to France! Nyahaha. Saw these stamps at the web, courtesy of Yahoo Entertainment. Nice right? Hopefully, I could watch the fifth movie installment at IMAX. Am actually pressuring Hon to schedule it right now. :D

Have been trying to get proposals of our projects, or rather doing a lot of proposals for projects. Because when Maam Kit has her leave, we'll be left alone here. So best we could do is plan at this early time. Hopefully, we could get through. And I'll be on a crash course in investigating complaints.

We'll be celebrating our tenth month next week. Something to look forward too. XD
We'll also be having a reunion with our college friends. Hopefully, lots will come. Just sad that I didnt get to join the last time. But this time, my schedule permitted me to. Its just so happened that I'm kinda free this time, and I missed them all and its been a year since we graduated and last saw each other. Whew.

..Not to mention I got Hon's approval and its near the office, Pioneer Center lang. :D

Guess I have to go already. Just taking a break right now. I'll go back na. Muah!

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