Monday, March 19, 2007

I couldn't believe that a person could transform into an absolute snobby and stuck-up from a goody-goody.

Well, that's a personal experience for me. I described it as the ultimate level of my snobbishness and am rating myself on for it. XD It's just that my MRT ride has been sucky enough to have like a sardine-canned train, but the worse part is I got pushed more than twice during the entire ride. Though I am not that complaining because I could perfectly understand the meaning of rush hour, but rush hour has been in my vocabulary in ages and I never complained. But this morning has been different.

Imagine me, a lady in 4'11 height, being pushed and getting really scrimped and all. That made my blood rise to the uppermost level of my morning fix, and lead me to

"Please naman wag naman sana ko itulak..."

.. And the dreadful part was, despite the pushing streak, the people inside the train was kind of silent. What was mortifying enough was my emphatic voice was heard around the said vehicle. I guess I should have kept my mouth shut. haha.

BTW, It's leading me to believe that this isnt going to be an easy day. Or maybe I could be wrong..

Gotta go. finishing my drumstick. muah!

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