Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas white and Blue

Spent the Christmas with Hon and went to their house. Felt good to be welcomed and all. Just that I've been meaning to have something like this for a long time. That you're liked by his parents, or he is proud to bring you to his house. I just love this year, and as it halt to an end, I'm gonna miss all the fun and the not-so-fun things that happened to my life.

Back on Christmas again, Hon became the hero when he saved my family from some opportunists that might take a heap of money from us. I'm just so glad that he was there to protect me and all. As I've told him, although that incident happened, this has still been one of the best Christmases I ever had. And to add that after so many months, we are still very much in love and happy with each other. (^___^)

Hopefully, I could be back in total writing. Not sure yet though..

But project is in lift off. and so excited of the output. Maam Kit says there will also be a grand launching. Cool.

2006 has been a grand year. I guess this will be my last post for the year. I'll be back on Tuesday or Wednesday to update what happened in my yearender. haha.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Of Fairy wings and other stuff

Went to Paskuhan yesterday. I sooo love the lights of UST. As Brent said "It's like Hogwarts in the Philippines".

Had the sudden rush to meet my friends last night. When I went to Makati for the web's photoshoot, I thought of Brent and asked him if he is still at work. But then he replied and thought that I was asking him because I wanna go to Paskuhan. Ergo, that led me to see the ivy walls (yeah!) of my alma mater once again. Sadly, I didn't get the chance to see the fireworks in the sky..

But really, I was kinda hoping that some of my classmates would be there. Ang nakita ko lang si Sir Jere. Kamusta naman yun.

Anyway, Fortune Care had our Christmas Party last Tuesday wherein I had to be a fairy. So being the camwhore that I am, I am fairly obliged to post the pictures. Anyway, it was a pink party so everyone was dressed in pink and thought it was my debutante party once again..
pink fairy!

My Fortune Care Family...


Sorry to post this little. Sucky internet sucks right now. Hafta work. bye!

Oh and by the way.....


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Party Mode

Still feeling cranky. Have been arguing even the tiniest things with Hon. I don't feel like having a flu or something but I'm definitely in the dumps lately.

Went Christmas Shopping with Hon last Saturday and yesterday. Having someone with you is a big help when youre not only shopping for gifts but for costumes for the party as well. The whole Customer Care ladies will be in wings. Wait til tomorrow for women to be fairies. And yeah, wait for the dozen of pictures that I will be taking. Haha!

My Christmas list is halfway done. Hon has been an angel from the start. Although we managed to fight over the number of people at Divi, how we almost got lost, the sweat and all the striking sun, in the end, we still made it..and had peace...finally.

Then yesterday was the second round of the Christmas Shopping. It's actually burning holes in my pocket my seeing my brother all glad about his gift, it was definitely worth it. I can't even imagine how my mom's face would look like once she's seen hers. I feel really cool..(^___^)

I saw this guy I once knew, and seeing that he's happy now, makes me feel that I had very good decisions. Decisions that led me to my destined partner. And now that he's happy makes me feel the same way about him too. And I really mean it.. especially now..

i just couldn't explain how I'm feeling now. but it sure is cool to finally spend christmas with lotsa reasons to celebrate. and going to 2 houses for the holidays makes you feel so welcome and warm. I so love this life. And I sooo love Hon Hon..

GTG.. party tomorrow.. details the next day.. when Im sober.haha

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Movie Marathons are Here Again

Hon and I are starting to build our DVD collection for when we get married someday, we'll gonna have a movie room. Nice huh? Hence, we went to Quiapo last Wednesday and found out that DVD only sells for 60 pesos. Kamusta naman diba? So maybe next year, after all the mad X-mas shopping, I would start acquiring a selection of American TV series like Sex and the City, Desperate Housewives, Charmed and One Tree Hill. Funny coz Hon saw this McGyver DVD.Haha.

Launching was finally over. But career doesn't end yet. Presently, I have making changes and stuff for the website. Done deal a lot of articles already. And I'm really loving my job. Hon just keeps on being weirded on me staying so late at work But it pays a lot for me, I mean, it fulfills me a lot.

Tatin just called a while ago. I missed our High School Days. You know like the first time I got to know them, the jokes that we always share and the dramas that fell behind us. She even recalled about how I wished for someone who would love me unconditionally. And apparently, I found him and she was so happy about it. Now I'm really dedicated to organize the party with them.

I really miss my friends.. Tats and Tin, don't worry, while were partying, we'll really and definitely be thinking that somehow, both of you are here too. Promise!

I wouldnt want to say negative things in my blog, but I couldn't be everyone's friend na. Or nice about her matter. As Brandy told Monica, the boy is definitely mine and what we have is something REAL.

gotta go..


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