A PINK Badminton from the boyfriend
I feel so blessed! My birthday was all sorts of fun and exciting. If I had only known that the people I love would exert all the effort for that day, I wouldn't have dreaded becoming 26. Though in my heart, I would be forever 21 :))

Jeff and I have only been together for a year and four months, but he's already known all the best of me. I guess I kind of opened up to him everything about me because we were total strangers when we first met each other. And although most part of my life consists of being a lovestruck naive girl, he never grew tired of listening to my stories, no matter how much of a bore they were. That is why I super loved his gift - a PINK Yonex Muscle Power 2 Badminton racket, because I keep on complaining that I needed to lose weight. And now, I need to double up on my the workout because the holidays are fast approaching once again.