During my first trip to Boracay, I chanced upon a quaint store that is quite familiar to me. You see when I was in Elementary, I used to collect stationeries and stickers. At a very young age, I was familiar with Precious Moments, that when I found a store that sells dolls and figurines, I definitely must have one. Going back to Manila, I had the mermaid Precious Moments doll because it symbolizes the sea, and Boracay is one of the most memorable beaches I've been to.

Over the years, I thought that it would be my first and last collection, but then when my parents went to the Precious Moments Christmas Village, they bought me home a another one, until my dolls are now three. I'm a kid at heart. And I know that Precious Moments are a perfect gift for the young and the young at heart this coming Christmas Season.