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During my first trip to Boracay, I chanced upon a quaint store that is quite familiar to me. You see when I was in Elementary, I used to collect stationeries and stickers. At a very young age, I was familiar with Precious Moments, that when I found a store that sells dolls and figurines, I definitely must have one. Going back to Manila, I had the mermaid Precious Moments doll because it symbolizes the sea, and Boracay is one of the most memorable beaches I've been to.

Over the years, I thought that it would be my first and last collection, but then when my parents went to the Precious Moments Christmas Village, they bought me home a another one, until my dolls are now three. I'm a kid at heart. And I know that Precious Moments are a perfect gift for the young and the young at heart this coming Christmas Season.

Mr. Jojo Sonillo welcomes us at Precious Moments
Let’s also be realistic and practical in gift giving. We want to have the pleasure and the leisure of Christmas shopping. “If you don’t want to tire yourself falling in long lines just to buy Christmas gifts, you should plan ahead.” said Manila Precious Moments President Jose Eduardo “Jojo” Sonillo. People don’t have to wait for a couple of hours just to get into the front of long lines because they can now purchase items as their Christmas presents.

Since 2005, Manila Precious Moments, distributed by Jojo’s Christmas Cottage Industries who have exclusive rights to distribute Precious Moments in the Philippines, offers beautiful and the most sought after Christmas gifts. These figurines will not only touch your heart, but will move the person you're giving the gift to. One collector shared to us that she loved how there are biblical inscriptions in their products, and definitely in trying times like today these messages give hope. Plus a portion of their proceeds are donated to charitable causes. 

The history of Precious Moments, is widely known for its adorable, tear drop-eyed collectible figurines and gift items is created by Mr. Samuel J. Butcher, one of America’s most beloved artists. In 1975, Precious Moments artworks were initially introduced to the public through inspirational greeting cards and posters, and the first Precious Moments figurines were revealed in 1978. Today, we know Manila Precious Moments by Samuel J. Butcher Lifestyle Corporation as a company that manages cafes, gift shops, museum, restaurants, and similar ventures that deal with the needs, wants and lifestyle of present generation of customers. It also engages in business activities such as but not limited to product distribution, provision of services, manufacturing, importing and exporting.

Here are some of the product at the Precious Moments Gift Shop and Tea House:

Dining table
Pretty Painting
Precious Moments Bride
Perfect for Christmas: The Nativity
The Aquino Edition
They even have Disney Princesses
Wedding Collection
Perfect gifts for a Precious Moments Collector
The Pineapple Room
Precious Moments Tea House
Thank you Precious Moments and Joy for inviting me in this heavenly place!
Precious Moments Gift Shop and Tea House is located at 95 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Palanan Makati City. For orders and other information, you may get in touch with Ms. Amiel Carmona, Philippine Precious Moments Collectors’ Community (PPMCC) Managing Director at (02)887-5252 or 387-1092. You may also LIKE their Facebook Page at

How about you? Do you a have a Precious Moment in your home? If not, send one to a loved one or collect now and be part of touching lives through loving, caring and sharing.


Hi there, my daughter has the same mermaid from your first picture above. She asked me if the doll has a name, but the only other one I have found online is yours! Does the box have any info or a name???
Thanks in advance!


My daughter was just given the little mermaid doll as well and is curious what her name is. Any help would be wonderful! Thanks!


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