I can see more sleepless nights

Its massive! They're angry and destructive! They can be so addicting, and now they're in chrome. Google Chrome that is.

Yes, you read that right. Your favorite game, Angry Birds now runs in Beta via Google Chrome. All you need is to download the Google Chrome browser in your PC or laptop and follow this link: http://chrome.angrybirds.com to get to the web based game. You can now play the game anywhere (if its not blocked and I'm referring it to our office. Bummer!)

I'm currently stuck at Level 2, game 21. I'm a self confessed AB addict. And I just started about 5 hours ago. Yes, its addicting. Remind me to sleep now will you? Thank you Google Chrome, now I don't have to wish for my Dad to buy me an iPad 2. On the other hand, I need an iPad for my freelance and stuff. I take it back. :P

And now I don't need to borrow Mench's roommate's iPad :P