UnionDigital Bank introduces Ubeh Pay at Cashless Expo PH 2023

UnionDigital Bank, the digital bank of UnionBank of the Philippines, recently introduced its soon-to-launch payments platform Ubeh Pay at the first Cashless Expo PH 2023. The platform offers bill payments, QR-led payments, contactless payments enabled by tapping technology, and a combo card that combines the convenience of a virtual debit card with the flexibility of a credit line to support cashless payments in the country. Ubeh Pay will be available for users in 2024. 

“Ubeh Pay is the standout feature in our app, showing off our dedication to making everyone part of the financial game through easy, convenient, and secure cashless transactions,” Henry Aguda, CEO and President of UnionDigital Bank, said. “It's the beginning of our efforts to ensure that every Filipino has access to straightforward digital banking. With a portfolio of exciting projects in development, we are dedicated to our mission to play a pivotal role in realizing comprehensive financial inclusion across the nation.”

“The process and the channels by which consumers are able to transact payments must be the least of their worries. In curating solutions for Ubeh Pay on the app, we took into consideration the unique needs of each segment. In the end, we are prioritizing simplicity and a seamless touchpoint for various types of payment transactions that Filipinos would need in order to fulfill their everyday needs,” commented Pats de Villa, Chief Product Development Officer of UnionDigital. 

Organized by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Cashless Expo PH 2023 aims to promote cashless transactions in the country. The BSP considers digitization and digital financial inclusion as major and urgent priorities as they can create a catalytic, transformative impact by making essential financial services more affordable for most people. 

The three-day event offers consumers access to locally-made products at affordable prices. Digital payment methods such as e-wallets, debit/credit cards, and online bank transfers using QR codes or Near Field Communication (NFC) technology are leveraged to enable contactless transactions.

UnionDigital is dedicated to advancing cashless platforms both domestically and internationally, with the overarching goal of enhancing financial inclusion. As a BSP-licensed digital bank, it expands digital payment options for Filipinos through Ubeh Pay while providing access to a suite of banking products via its mobile application. Users get to strengthen their credit portfolio, thereby improving their eligibility for future financial opportunities such as loans, credit cards, and related offerings.

As part of its target segment, UnionDigital is also actively working to extend banking accessibility to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). Through collaborative efforts with OFW associations, the digital bank is diligently formulating competitive solutions with the primary objective of mitigating the considerable costs associated with remittances, which can reach as high as 16 percent.

“Encouraging cashless transactions plays a key role in making banking services more accessible and convenient for everyone, yet let's not forget that cold hard cash is still a big player in many transactions. UnionDigital Bank, which was founded to uplift Filipinos through accessible banking, aims to strike a balance as it sets out to launch Ubeh Pay by 2024. Starting with fundamental features, we strategically curated solutions to meet Filipinos' financial goals, marking a milestone at the Cashless Expo PH 2023,” shared Aguda.

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