Get That Summer Beach Vibes at Home with Havaianas from Shopee!

Many of us had to skip summer because of the pandemic.  But that does not mean that we can't feel the summer vibes inside our homes right? I haven't been to an actual mall for the past three months, and sometimes, I don't miss it that much because I still feel updated with the trends by visiting Shopee! I even saw great deals on Havaianas pairs on Shopee Mall. 

I can still remember my first pair of flip-flops from Havaianas. I used it during all my beach trips for that year. Having it made me look forward to my next out of town trip. Now you can easily get a pair from Shopee Mall at the Havaianas Page. You can see their whole collection and buy from home. Now that's so easy and safe. 

You can also score great deals this 7.7, because they also offer up to 40% and FREE SHIPPING on your favorite Havaianas pairs on Shopee Mall. That makes me really excited because they have the coolest pairs not just for you, but for the whole family. 

Surprise your other half with the Havaianas Slide Brasil Flip Flops to show his stylish side. They are available in different colors and can be mixed and matched with his daily outfits.

Love to stand out? The Havaianas Top Logo Mania has that iconic Havaianas logos that seems to add more fun to your daily activities. I would definitely like to have this pair as a beach and everyday essential. 

Missing the beach so badly? The Havaianas Slim Paisage Coral will give you that vibe because it features images of Miami Beach, the Salt Desert and a hidden beach in California, with ultra-cool jelly straps. Now, who says staying home won't make you feel fabulous? 

These pairs and more are available at Shopee. To get your own Havaianas Flip Flops, download the Shopee app for free from the App Store or Google Play

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