Thursday, April 30, 2020

Since the Enhanced Community Quarantine has been extended, I have been trying to clean the whole house and disinfect every furniture, just to make sure that the whole family wouldn't get sick. I've already started de-cluttering the bedroom and the living room, so it's high time I move on to our kitchen since all of the food is there, and we have to thoroughly make sure that what goes inside us are clean as well.

While most of the people starts at the sink area, I decided to organize the refrigerator first, since it stores our supply of food. And sometimes, the obsessive compulsive in me, tends to get amazed at a well-organized refrigerator. This way, you know what to throw out, what will expire soon and what needs to be kept. 

I also wanted a color combination on the goods inside my refrigerator for a more intricate look. This way, the food looks fresh and my refrigerator seems more organized. 

Here is how I manage to do the cleaning: 

1. Check for the expiration dates if you have food that needs to be thrown out at a certain period

2. Wipe the insides using a clean towel for proper sanitation and prevent unwanted smell

3. Keep the boxes with expiration dates where it is easily to see so you would not miss it 

4. Make use of containers for your left overs or ready to prepare food

5. Move the vegetables at the lowest drawer to make sure it stays crisp and fresh

6. Store the raw meat at the coldest part of your refrigerator so that it will not spoil easily

7. Put dairy products at the middle portion so it will not freeze and to make it easy to thaw

8. Store juices and drinks on the side so it will remain normally cold

9. Put eggs at the side shelf of the refrigerator for a balanced temperature and maintain eye level

10. Keep the frozen food at the freezer for a longer shelf life

I am no expert in the kitchen, but as to organizing things, I can easily manage to do so. You just have to choose wisely when it comes to storage and buy a refrigerator that is easy to operate and is suitable to your family’s needs. If you have few members of the family, you can make do with a small one. But if your home is quite big, you need to find best prices on refrigerators that are can store a number of things, yet affordable and within your budget. 

How about you? What are your considerations when organizing your refrigerator? And how do you keep your food fresh? 

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