Wednesday, April 29, 2020

As the certified quarantine pass holder in our household, shopping for goods and paying our bills is not an easy task. Especially in our area, limited shops are available and the options are few. Even shop hours are limited as they are also imposing curfews now and then. The only best thing in this enhanced quarantine period for me is that more digital payment solutions are on hand.

Just like this weekend, I had to buy food at the nearest 7-Eleven store in our neighborhood. Now it's so easy to pay for my purchases using the GCash Barcode. If you are used to scanning QR codes at your local shop, this method is much more convenient. 

All you have to do is line at the counter, open your GCash App, click Pay QR and it will generate a bar code for the counter to scan. Quick story: I once paid a wrong amount via GCash in a different establishment because I did not hear the amount clearly. Good thing they sent back the additional amount that I paid. With GCash Barcode, you don't have to input the amount as it will automatically appear at their counter screen. Now you can practice social distancing and it saves so much time and effort. It also lessens the error like the one I experienced before. 

You can also easily cash-in to your GCash account at 7-Eleven via the GCash Barcode. I always use this service whenever I pay bills not available in payment centers using my GCash account. 

1. Log-in to your GCash account
2. Choose 7-11 Barcode
3. Enter the amount you want to cash in
4. Have the cashier scan the barcode on your phone and pay

Use GCash frequently and earn rewards and rebates. It's so easy to get your own account. All you have to do is download the GCash app from the App Store or from Google Play for free and sign up for an account. Make sure check out their official Facebook Page at for more updates. 

GCash and 7-Eleven are definitely my go-to solution this ECQ period. My transactions are fast and very reliable. With payment and digital solutions like these, being in quarantine might not be so bad at all. Make sure to still practice social distancing and stay healthy!

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