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These days, there are many dieting methods that we can choose on. Last year, I have written about the Ketogenic Diet and because it is so new that time, many have been so skeptic about it and its benefits.

Fast forward to present time, ketogenic diet has spread all over and there are many testimonies that it does not just make you lose weight, but treats health problems like PCOS or polycystic syndrome.

Dr. Fabian Dayrit talks about the
benefits of the Ketogenic Diet

Dr. Fabian Dayrit, stressed that for ketogenic diet to be effective, coconut oil must be used for cooking keto-friendly food as it is rich in MCFAs or Medium Chain Fatty Acids.

As it is dubbed the tree of life, coconuts, specifically, coconut oil can help produce fatty acids that you can burn in a healthy way. It is also proved to be the best type of fat because it does not damage the essential organs in your body. And that is where Minola Premium Coconut Oil comes in.

Dr. Regina Banda stressed the importance of the Keto Diet for those who are prone to illnesses

Another resource speaker, Dr. Regina Banda, emphasized that ketogenic diet is the best type of diet especially for those people with high blood sugar. Because Ketogenic Diet uses fat to generate energy, this diet will lower your carbohydrate intake and may prevent diabetes, which causes other illnesses when not controlled.

Ms. Virna Viloso
Ms. Desa Apostol
But as someone who has PCOS, I was inspired by the testimonies of Ms. Virna Viloso and Ms. Desa Apostol, both have lost weight by following the keto diet and incorporating Minola Premium Coconut Oil in preparing their meals. Ms. Virna is now even pregnant, one of the difficulties when you have hormonal imbalance or PCOS.

Truly, there's nothing wrong in trying to follow new types of lifestyle choices. Now, having a healthier body creates healthier relationships not only with your loved ones, but yourself as well.

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