Thursday, March 01, 2018

A sample of a Ketogenic Diet Meal
Five more pounds. That’s what I needed to lose just so I could reach my Body Mass Index. At 4’11, I am still considered overweight because the ideal for my height is 120lbs. But because I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), losing weight is not something easy for me. I tried going to the gym, food supplements, liquid formula etc. etc. This weekend, I got inspired to try out the newest diet there is - the Ketogenic Diet- and with will power, I think it might be something to invest on. 

Last week, I had the chance to be introduced in the Ketogenic or "Keto" Diet, with the program spearheaded by Minola Premium Coconut Oil. During the talk, I learned that this diet is low-carb, makes your body produce small fuel molecules that are called "ketones" and basically switches the fuel supply of your body to run on fat. 

Dr. Fabian Dayrit talks about the importance of coconut oil in Ketogenic Diet

But wait, FAT? Yes, fat! Because Ketones are produced in the liver, from fat, this is used to fuel throughout your body and the brain. This serves as energy to your body. 

In much simpler explanation, the primary energy in our body is glucose (sugar, carbohydrates) , and when your body runs on glucose, your fats are unnecessary and are just stored inside. So by lowering carbohydrates, fat goes in front and ketosis happens. Ketosis, on the other hand, is but a natural process that your body goes into when you fast. In this state, ketones are produced from the breakdown of fats in the liver. Now that your body is in ketosis state, your body is not dependent on carbs and it begins to burn ketones as your primary energy, resulting to weight loss and other health benefits - some of them is prevention of Alzheimer's Disease, epilepsy and even cancer. 

Ms. Mae Paner a.k.a Juana Change, shares her Ketogenic journey
In one of a friend's Facebook status, she wanted to know how effective is the Keto Diet, since she is afraid of getting high cholesterol. Many people fear on getting into Keto because they feel that it will increase cholesterol in the body. But what we did not know is that low carb diets can optimize cholesterol levels and can even improve heart health. 

One source of these "good cholesterol" are Medium Chain Fatty Acids or also known as lauric acid found in coconut oil. We are lucky that in our country, coconuts are abundant and we have products like Minola Premium Coconut Oil to use in incorporating the Keto Diet in our lives 

Minola Premium Coconut Oil plays a big role in the Keto Diet
The Minola Premium Coconut Oil has zero transfat and does not increase cholesterol levels in the blood. As discussed by Dr. Fabian Dayrit, Professor in Ateneo de Manila University, it is best to use coconut oil in Keto Diet as they are easily absorbed and metabolized by the liver. It is also therapeutic and has anti-cancer properties. 

So are you going to Keto from now on? In my opinion, Keto is one alternative to try for a healthier lifestyle. After all, when you are in a sound mind and body, #HealthierAngRelationships with your loved ones. 

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