Monday, July 22, 2019

When you’ve been juggling your career and passion at the same time, it’s very important to use mobile apps that work for your convenience. For one, I can't tell you how many times I’ve skipped due dates on my household bills that caused me past due accounts. And lately, since I don’t have much time to go to malls, online shopping is a huge lifesaver because I can shop for stuff just using my phone.

But for shops that do not accept cash on delivery transactions or credit card payments, the GCash Money Transfer is my go to app. It is now easy to transfer money from the bank to my GCash account, and even pay for my purchases directly to the seller by Bank Transfer or to their GCash Account.

When paying for my transactions, I can only ask for the seller’s GCash account via Express Send. All you need is their GCash mobile number, enter the amount, confirm and even customize a message to the one you are transferring money to, then send. This is real time and they get to receive it immediately.

Another way is through the Snapmoney feature. In this category, you can even share a photo, video, recording and even have themes for a more personal approach. This is best for millennials who likes to have a personal touch on their transactions.

Or if you need to transfer to someone who does not have a GCash account yet, (But hey, it’s so easy to get so why not get an account yet?) GCash lets you send money to any Bank Account. Just select the partner bank from their list, enter the amount to be transferred, your recipient's Account Name, Account Number and email address (this is optional), then press Send. This is just as easy and you do not have to wait

through long lines at the bank. Now, GCash is first on my list when it comes to paying conveniently and transferring money.

Do you also use GCash for your transactions? Getting an account is also easy. You can just download the GCash App from the App Store or from Google Play for free and sign  up for an account. You can also check out their official Facebook Page at

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